A honest feedback for this submission!

Dear fellows,
I’m sharing with you another logo template that I’ve sent for approval.

Let me know your honest feedback and what I should improve in my future uploads.

Much appreciated!



I like the font, but there isn’t really a clear concept for the usage of the logo. I’m not too keen on the main color scheme of the spiral, but I like the slightly more simple purple - greenish one. I think you need to work on the concept though, it could be made to look like a 6 for example, or a shell… Right now it’s just totally abstract and I’m not sure it would work for buyers.

I cannot thank you enough for your feedback. I really understand your point and i kinda agree with it. If this was one of the reasons that this item was rejected, i would like to recieve even the smallest feedback from the Envato quality Reviewers, so in that case I would know where is the problem and of course it can be adjusted/improved. The main struggle that i face, is that the Envato Quality Reviewers do not even tell you whats wrong with it and I refer to technical issues ( file format), or the design, or mockup. They simply rejected it and i can’t resubmit this item again, which is kinda frustrating to figure out where is the problem.

I mention that I read every corner of their submission standards and I respected all of them but it seems that something slipped out and i cant figure what was the reason

Thank you again.
Any advice is well appreciated.


No problem! You’re right the reviewers don’t give any feedback - so basically all you can do is learn from other authors here on the forum, and also it’s very useful to browse other items on the category you’re uploading to. This really helps you get a feel of what works, in this case when selling stock logos. One other thing actually, if you upload an item that is a good enough quality design, but has a technical problem for example wrong file format or anything like that, the reviewer will “soft reject” your item and tell you what you need to change to get it approved. So you’re not totally in the dark about technical issues, as long as your item is otherwise a good design that’s ready for the marketplace. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your constructive feedback and guide.

Good luck to you too.


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Looks good to me :wink: nice work!

Thank you very much.

Any advice that this item was rejected?

Much appreciated