I need your help! before submit

hello, I’m new to a graphicriver and need your experienced help. 1 item has been rejected because it does not comply with the standard and I follow the feedback from Envato to ask first before submitting the item.
these are logo templates that I will submit. please give a feedback !

hi as for me i see a collection of problems here . First of all, quite frankly, colors are not particularly looking good and are not selling your work and item … pls keep in mind that presentation matters much as this is the interface between u and the reviewer and afterwards the potential buyer, previews have thus to be as efficient and aesthetic as possible for that matter … besides, the grey / green is not super good idea as this is not contrasting efficiently enough so that the logo is valued indeed. IN addition, there is something a bit about the concept so to speak, since the “green connection” is just being made through a small detail that is not much visible in the first place until the concept appears as rather unclear until u really start analyzing the logo, what most of the people will not do … Apart from that , the stroke being discontinued may be a good idea potentially , but nit like this in my view. As, here, this is more likely to get u confronted with a problem of imbrication and of misbalance, too linked to the fact that there isn’t a really parallel structure so to speak. u also have an issue when it comes to proportion between text and illustration if u ask me, as here the illustration is prevailing too much over the text all the same. Besides, the typo is a bit too flat and plain at the moment, introducing more variations, font combinations and possibly touches of originality would help to bring some relief to the table in the end

thank you for your feedback, i really appreciate it. I’ll fix it, maybe change the whole logo concept back. Once again, thank you.