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My first submission was rejected. This is my second submission.
Now, I want to submit the logo at the bottom of the graphicriver. Now my question is, is it suitable for submission to GraphicRiver? Or please catch me if there is any mistake.

You can’t just upload stock images as your own work - you are wasitng your own, the reviewer’s, and other author’s time - this is a fast track route to being banned.


is it stock image? Please will you give me this stock image link? It was my drawing image. so i confused.

thank your to give your hand to me.

Amoingst other palces here

It is also used here - so if this were your own original design then you should be considering legal action as you would be in line to make a fortune

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You need create a logo from zero for give some ideas but you can see other inspirations but don’t copy it…


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I didn’t copy it, I drew it myself, but I couldn’t believe it would match the others.

Yes, you copy it but same style.

Come on dude! We are not stupid! Just admit you copy the design and try to sell it here.

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the thing is that he may fail o realize that redrawing the item does not make it turn “his” …

regardless of "ownership issues., there are a collection of mistakes to be pointed out … first of all, there is no way u can go with such preview where the text and the background are 90% the same color or even more … such a thing basically is not only breaking a basic design principle but this is absolutely not valuing the logo and work … after the logo leaves me rather skeptical as regard to a vertical version (it seems to me that this is required I am correct). The typo is also quite flat as indeed, there is no variation, no font combination and thus the typo is generating very little relief in the end . There is also some “spikes” - I am not sure that this is the right term in English - but the thing for sure is that the execution is not at the expected level as curves are not 100% professionally executed indeed. There is also a rather disconnection between both parts as the colorer separated from one part to the other and find no echo at all anywhere else than in their own parts …


Thank you all for wasting your precious time and for giving me valuable comments. I hope to try to avoid these mistakes in the future.

Add some creativity in your image. The problem is the image you are using is so common. You need to find more image and then just use your creativity.