What do you think about the new search results design?



Thanks for the feedback. We are planning a few tweaks to the new AJ item card, one of which is to show the individual track lengths on hover of the ‘Tracks’ area, which will save you having to go into the item page to see the breakdown.


That’s a really nice add! Looks pretty convenient now :blush:

Talking about versions, there is an incredibly important and useful idea (many authors agreed on that) proposed (and developed) by @LuigiPulcini. It’s about a dramatic increase in a buyer’s convenience dealing with versions. I hope Envato is interested in that!

Can you please take a look at this and tell something about it? Is it a good thing and is it technically possible? Thank you very much!


@trent-aus Great! Thanks for the answer, finally someone took care of this :slight_smile:

I’m happy that you are working on it. My further feedback:

  • I’m not sure if summed duration of all variations is needed. Why would somebody need the summed duration? Keep in mind that summed duration is treated by many buyers as a bug (because, once again: why someone would need it :slight_smile: )
  • In my opinion quick view on duration of each variation is one of the most important features clients expect. Really. Just imagine someone looking for a typical tv commercial 25-30 second track. I would definitely reconsider putting duration of each variation somewhere in the “track area”. Hover is a tweak, but it’s not intuitive for clients, especially new ones. Imagine moving mouse to every track area instead of quick look on all tracks.
  • I would also reconsider markers idea made by @LuigiPulcini and reminded by @AudioTrend. Maybe variations duration can be attached to those markers

All the best!


As mentioned earlier in the thread, we’ve now made some tweaks to the new design (which will be seen by half of AJ users while in testing).

  • we’ve added the hover on the amount of tracks included. I know this doesn’t go to the extent of the idea from @LuigiPulcini . we did explore that idea but decided against it for now, mainly to not make the item card too heavy

  • we’ve added a preview download on the card to allow customers to quickly download a preview and try it out. we’ve also ensured the preview file name includes the item ID, author and track title

  • and lastly we’ve fixed item ID search so a customer can come back and quickly find a track they downloaded the preview for, to purchase

We’ve also received the feedback for a volume slider - that didn’t make this release but we are working on it for the next release.


Hi @trent-aus thanks for keeping us up to date! We appreciate improvements of the search results page. BTW some print screen would be useful as long as only half of us can see changes.

Here is my fresh feedback:

  • download preview button with updated file ID - great!
  • ID search fix - great!
  • hover - nice but in my opinion it doesn’t solve the lack of the track duration data which is crucial for easy and fast music search process
  • summed duration of all variations of the item which has more than one version is totally needless and misleading. I understand that for some reasons you want to make search results light. Thus I recommend making a blank duration field of items with more than one version (also kits and especially packs). You’ve made the same with “BPM field” in music packs.
  • if we are talking about new cards, I would definitely change the collection page display. Many of us have html catalogs on our profiles and on the description pages. HTML catalog forwards many buyers to collections like “my bestsellers” or “epic” or “children”. Unfortunately collection is extremely “pure” and it doesn’t display waveform. I would DEFINITELY refresh collection page to include at least waveform and preview download button. New card interface looks great so it can exchange current collection page which looks right now like: https://audiojungle.net/collections/6498017-percussive?utf8=✓&sort_by=sales_count&type_id=6498017
  • there is one bug :slight_smile: Music Packs and Logo Packs have always “1 track” in the “tracks amount” field. Screen below:


100% true. It’s hard to imagine a piece of information less important to a potential buyer.


The new design is looking pretty sharp IMO! +1 on adding the track’s real names and making the thumb a little bigger.

My grain of sand: a loop icon is absolutely A MUST. The previous design had it and it was of huge help for costumers working on video game projects or long duration sequences. We really need to put that back ASAP, specially considering that with the new tiny thumbs it’s impossible to read an eventual “loop available” sign included in the item’s image.

Hope we’ll see that fixed soon. Thanks for taking our feedback into consideration!


Good news, we’ve added the ability to control the volume of playback on the top right of the search results!


Collections/portfolios are something we’d like to get to, no promises yet.

Thanks we’ll look into fixing this! I need to check we have the data for this in the system.

We’ll consider adding this back in. We do have looped filter customers can use as well.



Hi @trent-aus Thanks for updating us and moving forward with nice tweaks!

Regarding popular lists: I am really excited that you are showing all sub genres now, definitely a big improvement which can help semi popular items.

Regarding sizing of the item cards, if you could consider having the featured authors on a vertical line or something? That would free up space having 4 item cards beside each other instead of 3.

I think its awesome you give featured authors great visibility but it seems a bit much now, considering they also follow into every sub popular list etc. They definitely “hijack” some precious space now in my opinion.

Anyways, just an idea. Keep up the great work!


@trent-aus thanks for info! Good work!

Quick feedback on the volume slider:

  • slider must stay on the same level after going to different pages, even if buyer changes its value. If buyer changes volume, he expects this volume will stay on new value on all pages. Quite important.
  • slider should appear on all pages. Right now buyer can lower down the volume on the search results page but he will be crushed by a sound wave when he will go to the item page :slight_smile: I imagine it can be quite irritating!
  • I am wondering why it shows negative value? I thought that AJ is always playing volume=0 not volume=-x. It’s not the best idea to lower down the volume, it should play “0”. There are some psycho acoustic rules saying that it should have “0”, but I don’t have time right now to describe them :slight_smile:

And +1 for a loop icon.



  • do you mean volume changing/showing slider if you go to a non search/category page like the item page? if so, at this stage we’re focussed on the search/category pages.

  • I can’t get the slider to show a negative value - would you mind letting me know your OS and Browser and posting a screenshot so we can look into it?


Yhm. And I understand that you’re focused only on those pages. I just wanted to draw your attention that buyers will hate volume changes which will appear after changing volume on search/category page (-x db) and moving to e.g. portfolio page (0 db).

It looks the same and shows the same value in my browser as in your screen. But we are talking about different units. You are talking about “graphic scale of slider” and I am talking about “decibel scale” which has “0” point on the right edge and all other values are negative.

In other words - slider should be on the right edge as default without possibiliti to make audio louder.

And once again I really appreciate that you’re keeping as up to date, good work!


I’m not a fan of the changes they’ve made.
I use to have a strip on the thumbnail with the genre of the track.
Now it’s pointless to put it on since the thumbnail is so small.