AudioJungle player: markers for versions

Hi, audio community and AudioJungle moderators.

I would like to bring to your attention an idea I had about a possible improvement to the current AudioJungle player. This new feature could provide both authors and clients with markers on the timeline and links in the description that move the player current position to the beginning of the multiple versions. I put together a little script that simulates how the player could work if that feature were implemented.

I would like to know your opinion about this simple idea.




Yes, yes, yes! I see how this functionality can be quite helpful to our potential customers. I can imagine no downside to this whatsoever. Perhaps we would need to institute a best practices guideline for constructing our demo tracks - for instance, recommend a 2 or 3 second gap between versions to insure the code sees the separation between edits. But perhaps, even this is not needed?

I would fully support this function, and cheers to you for being proactive in developing this. I hope it will be instituted!

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Hi, St-TropezMedia.

Thanks for your enthusiasm toward my idea.

The AudioJungle General File Preparation Guidelines already recommend to specify the versions in the description. I believe it could be enough if we could standardize that section of the description, maybe adding it to the submission form in a more detailed way than how it is now. Once the author writes the right data there, it would be easy for a script like the one I created to extract the timing information from the description and automatically create markers and links.


Great idea! I hope it will be implemented. :wink:


Great idea!

Many buyers do not understand there are different versions and think of the preview as one track. This would make things clearer.

Too bad Envato doesn’t take suggestion from its community…

You may want to post your idea to support in the “site feedback” category. You’ll have a slightly better chance of being heard.


Awesome suggest! Fully support you!
Also, I think about a floating and independent window with the player. It would be very useful…


Great idea Luigi !! :+1: Hope Envato will consider this !


Hello everyone! Luigi, is a great idea, I hope this solution is taken into account by envato !!! :wink:


It is great ! I support you ! This is really useful !


Nice idea!
To be honest I had the exact same idea - (and I guess we are hundreds)…
but you implemented it, and in a brilliant way!!

I love what you have done ! Fantastic job !!

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Hello Luigi. Excellent idea and well executed. I think this would be a great improvement to the current AudioJungle player.


It’s a great idea. And if this player will have statistics about clicks (how many clicks were made on every part, everage time of listening etc) it would be just killer idea!
And what about the preview player?

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Good idea! :+1:

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Hi soundBro,

Of course, the preview player can be adjusted accordingly. Once the description contains the timing information of the versions, written appropriately, that data could be used site-wide for both the single audio page player and the search page.

Hi, CleanMagicAudio,

I hear what you are saying and this makes me sad for two reasons: first of all, because it makes it pointless to have an Envato community if Envato doesn’t weigh in the conversations over here; second, because I saw that you removed your post right after reading this one.

I must say, though, that there could be something regarding your idea that justifies Envato’s reply (“I can’t promise anything”) and prevents them from integrating it in the system. What if one track of yours has already sold 1000 licenses and accumulateld 5000 downloads but, while they kept tracks of the former, they never thought of storing somewhere the count for the latter? Well, as soon as they start counting the downloads, if they never did it before, you would have 1000 for the licenses and 0 for the downloads, which is going to be pretty confusing and misleading. Or you could have 1000 for both as a starting point… but even that is pretty meaningless. That is why I can see why they could have some second thoughts regarding your idea.

Don’t get me wrong! I completely support your idea and I don’t know why they did not even of it in the first place. Even the player I am selling on CodeCanyon does that on every track: as soon as you click on the download button, the counter increases like a “Facebook Like” button does, with the visual feedback of the total number of downloads.

But if they never kept track of the downloads, starting now would create a discrepancy between what you see and what is real, that you will never know anyway. I hope this makes sense.


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Yes, great idea! BTW we (authors) need someone from Envato staff to gather all our feedback ideas because here on forum they seem to be useless :confused:

Wow, that is really good thing! Great idea! Hope it’ll be implemented sometime

I think this would be a fantastic idea, especially now that AudioJungle track lengths are listed as the length the of the preview, not the individual versions. This would be a great way to get rid of confusion and make it more obvious to buyers what value they’re getting.


A very good point indeed!
Thanks for weighing in, @AurusAudio. :blush:

Yes great Idea! as makes AJ page more intuitive interface friendly in case of various versions music tracks. I would like to see it implemented soon