Adressing Audiojungle Authors

Hey there,

i wanted to share one common mistake, most audiojungle authors are doing here when supplying the licesed material. PLEASE do include one track that is exactly like the demo track (mostly the long, short and so on versions of the track all mixed together in one track) but without the sound logo. Reason being most editors including me are using the demo version for cordination purposes with their clients. And often, the track gets edited to fit under the spot or film. If you now just provide the long version, or short version in the final versions, the timecode changes and one can not simply replace it. But has to edit, well more like puzzling those clips together first - then export and import them again. Hoping for the timecode to fit.

Maybe envato has to take care of this? I don’t know. Lets get this to a professional level. Thank you! Everything else is great. :slight_smile:


Hi camalot - That is a very good point that I had not considered before. I think most of us don’t do it because Envato’s guidance to authors is to NOT include the Preview file in the ZIP package. However, because of your suggestion, I now understand that including a high quality version of the demo track in the ZIP file is not the same thing AND could be convenient to the customer. I’m going to start doing that from now on. Thanks!

I think this has been mentioned before.

It seems a very sensible idea but we’ve got a bit of a legacy issue with us authors having (mostly) followed the Envato guidance - or at least how read it - for many years! :slight_smile: Maybe making it an explicit requirement (i.e. include a high quality version of the preview file without the watermark in the download files folder) from now on would be a good step forward.

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For timing purposes MP3´s has that tiny gap in beginning so a preview length WAV file will be tiny bit off. Might be best to include both MP3 and WAV of the non watermarked preview then?

mp3 only, as wav would be off anyway.

Hi, @camalot!
I think the best solution for the customers to contact author to get this version (that contain all versions, but without watermak) . Because reviwers will not approve item with additional wav/mp3 version that contain all item variations included to zip main file(


After thinking about it more, I agree with some of the above comments that Envato should give clear guidance in this area. And as LuckyBlackCat stated, the customer can request from the author directly the high quality demo track with no watermarks.

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thanks for the good ideas. Did not expect such fast and quality Feedback. Contacting the Author could be a solution. But then you still do not know if he or she can provide you with the mix afterwards up front. I myself download a minimum of two or three files to see which one fits best. I do not want to bother all authors first by asking if I can use their preview File for layouting purposes because they can provide me with the final Soundlogo free track afterwards.

But it is a soulution if one just loves one track and simply does not care about the endcustomers opinion by just pushing that one. And yes, I also do this from time to time.

Anyway I contacted Envato about this. Here’s their reply:

Hi xxxxxxx,
xxxxxx here from Envato Customer Success Team. Thanks for your feedback!
We appreciate that you took your time to let us know about your feedback on AudioJungle’s demo/preview tracks. The quality of our products is very important to us and we rely on the feedback of our customers.
We always keep an eye open for our items and your opinion matters to us as we consider this is the best way to sustain our efforts of continuous improvement.
We definitely hear your concern and we’ll make sure your feedback gets heard from the team.
We’ll be more than happy to help if there is anything else we can do for you.
Kind regards,

Could mean: Okay next! :slight_smile: But could also mean: We really look into this. Let’s hope for the best. Thank you guys. And keep up that good work!


Hi camalot,
I see your point, I understand why you need preview version without watermark in some cases, but I don’t think that it will be done, because preview version is not a version of a track, it’s a collection of all version in one mp3 file.
You are not alone with this confusion.
We, authors, are not allowed to include preview versions without watermark.
So maybe Envato should do one of the following:
a) change the rules of uploading items (to include preview files);
b) or change the rules of making and uploading preview file (to make a preview for each version of a track separately, so customers would be able to listen to each of them separately), but this one requires a lot of changes.
That’s only my point of view.
In general I wanted to say that it’s not author’s fault not to include the preview file and it’s not your fault to use a full preview in your project without taking into account that you’ll have separate versions.

Yuo are welcome! And thank you too for your opinion! Because it’s very important for authors to get feedback from customers. I think contacting support is the best way to solve this problem. Because if they update uploading rules and will allow uploading additional version similar to preview without watermark to main files it solve this problem.