AudioJungle preview files now have meaningful names

Hi folks

I’m a new Product Manager at Envato and am very excited to announce a fix to an issue that’s been reported on the forums a few times.

AudioJungle preview files will now download as “<itemID>_<title>_by_<authorname>_preview.mp3” instead of “preview.mp3” allowing users to find the item they wish to purchase faster. We’ve put the item ID first as they are unique and when searched for take the user straight to the item page for that file.

We hope you find the change helpful and please be sure to reach out if you have any questions!



Great news! Thank you!

Great new feature!!thanks for your hard work :smile:

awesome to hear. thanks for this!

Excellent news trent-aus! This is a much needed improvement that will make our customers very happy.
Thanks :thumbsup:

Also nice to meet you Trent! Great first move! I wish you a lot of success at Envato and eager to see the result of your hard work. Cheers!

Awesome! A welcome new feature that I’m sure will help many users.

Thanks, and welcome @trent-aus!

This is great!!:tada:

Thanks for the improvement, great new!

Well this is huge actually , thanx to all involved !!:clap:

Great News! :+1:

Love it :sunglasses:

Yes! very helpful!! thank you @trent-aus and all Envato Team :slight_smile:

Great news! Thanks for your hard work on this.

Thank you for this new feature!

Cool improvement, I was just thinking about that couple of days ago :slight_smile:

Sweet as a nut!

Good innovation! Thanks! :ok_hand:

Good news.

Great news, but not working for my previews. Is this only for new uploads?