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Hi all,

I was wondering if it would be possible to add some sort of option to edit (for example) the subscription of your upload when it is already in the review queue. Oftentimes I forget to add some important information to the description, and when it is in the queue there is no more possibility to change anything about it.

It could save the reviewers some time too, because in my current case I forgot to add information about extra tracks in the description. The reviewers have to now attend me to the mistake, but only after they first listened to my entire preview file, which is time consuming and annoying.

What do you guys think, is this possible or is it this way for a reason?


Agree, we should be able to edit the description, title and tags after upload. But not the files, that would lead to authors uploading dummy files to get a place in the queue.


Good idea! It will be great option to edit items that waiting for review. (update description, tags, or, some times mix) :+1:

Fully agree! +1 ))

You can delete it and save some time but editing should definitely be an option

Yes, it is definitely necessary. A good idea.

I don’t think it’s necessary or even desirable.

Even though it would be very convenient for us to be able to edit the tags and description during the review period, looking at it from Envato’s perspective there’s really no incentive to implement that kind of feature. Just make the adjustments when the item has been approved, no big deal.

Sorry to say, but if you forget to add important information and tags it’s simply because you’re not caring enough to get the upload process right in the first place. No trying to be disrespectful here, but why would Envato encourage lazy behavior? Meta data is a very important element for library music, don’t rush through it.

Changing the music after submitting doesn’t make sense. Don’t upload before you’re done. Let the audio rest for at couple of days and take another listen with fresh ears before uploading.

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Well, nobody’s perfect, we’re all human and forgetting stuff is bound to happen sometimes, it has absolutely nothing to do with being lazy, of course. Metadata is important, I know. It also is incredibly complicated and sometimes you just wish you could’ve changed something in the description or tags. No biggie indeed, but being able to add/change something while the item is still in the queue will streamline the review process, because if you change it afterwards it’ll have to go into the review mill AGAIN. So there could definitely be an incentive for Envato/the review team as well.

in my opinion this subject was somehow discussed in the past :slight_smile:

I don’t think item description update requires review; at least last time I did it, the update was made instantly.

All subjects discussed in this forum are discussed before :wink:

This announcement about updates is relevant, if you haven’t seen it (I missed it at first and was surprised when an updated title and tags went through without review).

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you right :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree that the feature would be convenient but I just don’t see a good business case for Envato to do this. Partly because of what I mentioned earlier about encouraging authors to make sure everything is good to go before submitting and partly because I suspect it would be more expensive to redesign and redevelop the whole upload process rather than just having reviewers take a quick look at a new title or new tags for an already approved item.

The fact that everything can be changed after approval anyway, makes it’s difficult to see why Envato would spend the resources on this. But it’s all speculation, of course.

Descriptions can be updated without review, apparently the same goes for other descriptive elements such as length, bpm etc.

I doubt it will mean a total redesign or redevelopment of the process. The fact that they are now giving a limited amount of people the chance to make changes afterwards without being reviewed again says to me that they are looking at ways to relieve the workload of the reviewers. I don’t think we understand how much work goes/went into checking all these changes. Envato stated that only authors with a high enough acceptance rate will be able to edit without review afterwards. So that leaves a large number of authors who still can’t. It’ll be beneficial if they could make some small changes BEFORE the reviewer gets the chance to review the item, otherwise the changes will have to be made after review and then a reviewer has to check the description etc. AGAIN. I’m just curious as to how much review time that would actually save.

Thats a good idea. I wish it become possible in future.

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this idea emerges to the surface from time to time. but no reaction from envato so far…
definitely +1

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I think you just need to carefully fill in all fields with the download. The function of which you are asking for, requires a lot of effort programming. At the same time in five years here for me it has never caused problems. Have a nice day, everyone! :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure that it would require a lot of redesign to the process. It’s not just a question of tweaking a few parameters. To give authors access to edit queued items would require a lot of work on both front-end and back-end of the system. Even if Envato wanted to do this, they would have to wait a long long time to see any return of investment, if any at all. At the end of the day it seems like a better use of resources to have the reviewers do the checking.

It’s cool that top authors are allowed to update their items without any reviews. It’s a good way of lowering the workload for the reviewers while still maintaining some control. But technically, it’s a completely different thing to what we’re talking about here.

As said before, description and other descriptive elements are NOT subject for review. They’re updated immediately.

Core stuff like title, tags and music etc. have to be checked by the reviewers. But at the end of the day, how many times do one really need to change these things after submitting?