Once a track is in the queue for review can I edit it?

As the title says, once the track is queued for review can I edit it. For example I want to change the description or tags.
Thanks in advance!

Hi. No. Only after it is checked and approved. Or reboot.

Thank you.


If you just uploaded then don’t wait for their reply

You can delete from dashboard and edit and upload it again

Thanks :slight_smile:

Funny, I just asked the exact same question - as I messed up with my preview file.
Well, the answer given by the support just 1 hour ago was that … even them can’t edit the content of anything in the queue.

So I’ll wait for the soft reject.

Good luck bro :slight_smile:

Thanks, but they just told me they will add a note for the reviewer - so this is cool ! (I used a slightly sped up watermark file - by mistake)

It would be so good but you can’t(

Thanks to everyone for taking time to reply.
It’s just that moment of doubt when you click send and want to have one more look at your tags or description. Well it is for me anyway. :joy:

One thing Envato could fix is when you got a track in “held for further review” you can not upload another track.

Yeahhh it would be great and helpful feature!