Edit Item While In Review Queue

I know that this has been discussed before, but I feel it may need to be revisited.

Do you think Envato would ever consider creating a edit while in queue feature?

I know I have submitted stuff and realized after an hour, a day, or longer that I forgot to do something or that I made a mistake. It would be nice to have the option to go in and change it or double check it.

I do the best I can and still forget things, and I know I am not alone in this. :blush:

I wonder if it would help with review times? (not having to kick back so many submissions)

What do you think?



I’ve often wished that I could edit items in the queue but I think we’d probably all start uploading stuff that wasn’t really finished if we knew you could update things whilst waiting for review. :slight_smile:

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Haha! I admit that could be a possibility, but what about description or tags? Anything lol😂

If this will be allowed, it will be exploited to death…so -1

Make a checklist and check everything twice. No rush. Improve yourself to be more organised and it won’t be a problem.


The checklist! Great idea! When I worked at Intel they had checklists for everything. I couldn’t stand it, but I sure beats deleting something from the queue due to forgetfulness :smile:

I have to admit that I several times has realized my mix or master wasn’t good enough one week after I uploaded a track. What I have done these times is that I have had a new zip and preview file ready and I have literally uploaded the new version for review two minutes after the approval. Most of the time it just takes a couple minutes before the new version is up. I new you’ll blame me for overuse of the review team and I admit the checklist is a much better choise! Anyway… we all learn by time!

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I don’t blame you at all. We all just want to get our stuff out ASAP at the highest possible quality(so we can get sales😄) That’s why I don’t think that people will abuse as much as you might think.

If people decide to try to abuse by uploading unfinished stuff than they run the risk of a hard regect and no one wants that. I do admit however that there is a chance that it could just clog up the works even more.

I would like to remain optimistic that someday it could be a possibility😀

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I don’t think that right now anyone would upload an item which is considered unfinished even by themselves at the time. That just doesn’t make any sense. But if there were an option to update your files while in the review queue, that would lead to chaos for sure. Lots of authors would toss their “dummy” files in the queue to save some time and only finish the job while the “item” is waiting for review.
I think what #RimoMusic says is legit, and if it was a problem for the review team they would not allow it. It’s for the sake of better quality and it’s in their interest as well to provide top notch items for the buyers.

Sure, I’m very agree! It’s 28 days of review time now, plenty of updates on item can be created for such a period! Otherwise it won’t be needed if Envato will make the review timing shorter (3-4 days for example)

on this page: http://quality.market.envato.com/audiojungle you can see that ‘resubmissions’ are done for 1 day… so like the RimoMusic said, yo can re-upload and get it approved quickly… :wink: