Can I delete an item while it's in the review queue, make minor edits and then re-upload it?

The title pretty much says it all, I’m interested in music tracks and sound effects.

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Yes, you can delete an item in queue, edit it, then re-upload. Although, you will have to start over in the queue.

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Thanks. It’s still a useful approach when you know for sure that the sound effect will be rejected because there’s no fade out (it’s not looped).

Ah, yes, sometimes you make small mistakes. Better to get it right from the start.

Although, if it’s a really minor edit. Not affecting the approval. You could let it get approved, then edit it afterwards and have a fast re-approval of the edit. Although, would recommend doing it properly from the start.

Wouldn’t it be hard rejected because of that mistake? I’m asking because I already got one sound effect hard rejected with this reason: “This submission does not meet our general commercial utility standard.” My assumption is that it was due to having no fade out at the end, maybe I’m wrong.

I wasn’t speaking about your particular issue. More in general. Say you have a song in queue, want to make a small change and only have a day or two until it will get reviewed, then you could wait until after approval and do that edit… and perhaps even have two version of the song/sfx. Although, as I said, it’s always best to make it as good as possible from the beginning.

Proper fades and mixes are of course important. If that’s the issue, yes, then it will probably be rejected. At least soft rejected, if it’s a minor issue. But if the sound cuts off unexpectedly, then you will probably will get a hard reject.

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yes of course. I did it sometime.

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It would be so awesome if authors could edit items while they’re in review queue

People would game the system though. They’d be like “well, I intend to create four items in the coming month, and the queue is about one month, so I’ll upload four placeholder items now… and then swap them out for the real items once I’ve got round to making them. Happy days!”.

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Oh,I didn’t think about it in this way.
Then let keep it as it is :slight_smile: