Edit the items in the queue.


I wonder why there is no possibility of editing (change) of objects that are queued for verification by the reviewer. As it often happens, a few days after submission, the authors find errors, but due to the traversed time, there is no desire to remove the job from the queue… In the end : the Load on reviewers by works that the author could correct after he noticed them himself. I think the problem worth paying attention to.

Easy: people will submit empty zip files as placeholders before their item is truly ready and try to game the system to get reviewed faster.

Perfect answer. People will take advantage of ANY way to game the system, as we’ve seen a hundred times already…

Here’s the solution (simple, but effective):

Finish your item before uploading.

If you find a mistake (happens to all of us), update it as soon as it goes online, or wait 5-10 more days. It’s really quite simple. If your mistakes were big enough to get your item rejected, you simply hadn’t finished the track.

The system does not determine an empty zip? Yes, I understand that there can be put a temporary file. Well, if you think this is more of a problem than a large number of “mistakes”, so be it. For other services with the “edit” is no problem for as I know.

How about tags, descriptions and other information?

You can edit that the minute it goes online. What’s the problem?

You do not understand. errors can lead to a “hard rejected”. but at the same time, the author is not sure 100% if this will happen. so he leaves the job in the queue with hope for approval. If there is a possibility of editing will be more “finished” works.
I try for the common good. No need to ask me about the problems… This is a common problem.

How common? Please show the data. 96% of uploads? 14%?

Solution: Think through the description. Think through the tags. Wait a couple of hours. Wait a day. Finish the track. Wait a day. Listen again. Upload.

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Why hurry?
Make quality track,wait 1-3 days,improve it a little and upload.
If it really good it will be approved and get sales,if not than your learning begins and you will think more on how to make better music and faster.
After that you will be able to make good tracks in few hours or a day and still get approvals


How many authors does as you write? why are you trying to teach me? :slight_smile:

If I ever realise there’s an error in an item in the queue, I just delete it, fix it and get to the back of the queue again


1.I don’t know.And I don’t care.
2.I’m not teaching you.But,it’s obvious,that if you would know and understand enough then you wouldn’t create this topic
No offense
Peace :slight_smile:

It is clear to me what you are doing in this section :stuck_out_tongue: :ok_hand: … I’d like to see arguments on this topic and not getting personal.