Edits in just submitted for review items!

Hi, I just made a little mistake on something I just submitted and I need to edit it. And here we go again.
I think it is very helpful and time saving for the composers, which have asked for this already million times, to be able to make changes to the submitted items. Maybe at least for 1-2 hours after you have submitted it.

We need our time for inspiration for other tracks, and mistakes can happen when you submit…so this is very important to be able to do…
once you edit… then the queue resets!!!
Please save the composers! Thank you.

if is just 1-2 hour, remove it and upload it again… what is 1-2 hour compared with the days that we have to wait :smiley:

The problem with edit is that if they enable edit while is in the queue some people will abuse and upload unfinished music … and the queue will go on and on and you will be waiting years not months :smiley:

It happened to me, so I feel your pain :smiley:

hmm that sounds fair!!!

I think about that and now understand, sodasi_web is absolutely right. Queue will be endless if editing while reviewing will be enable.

Then how about, once you edit… then the queue resets!!!

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Oh, this is great idea!!! Because when I was in that situation, most problem for me was writing again new description and tags. And I would agree restart my queue but save all item descriptions.

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Why don’t you just update the item when it’s approved?

Rewrite item descriptions? You need to organize your material. Just keep every track in a folder along with the source project file and a text document containing description and tags, along with any other important information you might need in the future.