Submitting a revised version to a pending item?

Hello. Yesterday I posted for submission a solo piano piece I wrote. It obviously hasn’t been approved this quickly, but I believe it will. Thing is, I’ve been inspecting the recording a bit more and one part had note clashes a bit too strong for what the composition should serve.

I fixed it on my end already, but I don’t know if there’s a way to send the revised version as submission instead of what I have already submitted? It would be a real shame to simply wait until what I sent yesterday is approved (or rejected), delete it manually and then file a fresh submission all over again.

Thanks in advance!

You have to wait the queue time or delete it and upload again.

Uh… Well, at least I only uploaded it yesterday so it wont be too much of a speed bump.
But where can I see the queuing items? I looked for it yesterday and didn’t find it.

Also, can you pull the details you already filled in your submission? Would be easier instead of remembering what to write all over again.

OK, I’m looking for my item everywhere and can’t find it. Is there a possibility something went wrong in the submission process and it’s not actually in queue, even? I believe you should be able to view your pending items SOMEWHERE.

Your queued uploads can be found in your dashboard tab. As far as I know, there is no way to check item details in queue. I always create a .txt as a backup.
Good luck!

Ah, that’s really not popping out… I now see there’s “currently processing uploads”. So I should just delete it and make a new upload?

If you want to make changes then yes.

OK, thanks. Too bad you can’t view the info you’ve filled in the queued item, though. I already had to write the whole thing twice because I have to manually enable flash in my browser when getting to the upload button, and that made the whole page refresh and the first description I filled out got cleared.