Preview items that on queue

Hello to all!:wink:
The process of approving tracks takes a long time. And often it happens that you forget which track is loaded and waiting for queued. And there’s no way to listen that track or traks.:tired_face:

I propose to make it possible to listen tracks that are queued. This would be useful for all authors.:sunglasses:


And also it would be good if they allow us to edit the files, just in case


And near (delete?) add edit)


It would be good if the log of downloaded files were kept. sometimes you don’t remember which tracks were rejected. Especially when you’re not an elite author.)



I must say that since I am an AJ author… I have learned to be wwayyy more organized than before :slight_smile:
I have “Work in progress”, “Pending Preview” “Released” directories, and in “Work in progress” I have a subdirectory where I place the ones that have been rejected on AJ. I can decide to re work them or to upload them elsewhere…

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I congratulate you.

no but seriously, it was quickly becoming a mess… I was loosing track of what was online, being previewed, and with these stupid titles we all give now… everything looks the same…

Exactly !!!

editing tracks in the queue is wanted for 2 years long.
But this is not changing ;(

Maybe you could keep a copy of the track on your computer, and name the file the same as the name of the track you’ve submitted?