8 Day the songs in the queued for review It can`t be !!! What happened Audiojungle?


Please I need a truly response!!


A couple of reviewers are having personal problems, the queue seems to be about 8-9 days at the moment.


to be more specific, and as told to us by envato in another thread, one reviewer just had a new baby and the other was out of town to be speaker at a conference. 7-8 days is exactly what they said would happen by the first week of October.


Oops, I should have checked. That’s what I get for trying to remember something I read at 4am yesterday. :smile:


OMG. I didn’t know that , because I am new in the community but not as an author.
I had songs approved in 4 or 5 day max.
But everybody has the right to take his time.

thanks for your post.