A month in queue for review


It seems like the review time in Audiojungle is getting shorter which is great, but I have several items in queue for a month, 27 days and so. What’s the problem there? I’ve been “honing my craft” for four months now to get my items accepted. I’ve put a lot of work and hope into the now seven items waiting in queue and i wonder: are they ever gonna be reviewed?


hi indeed the problem is that it looks like the normal waiting time lol


I really hope you’re right, n2n44.
But I’m alarmed about what’s going on, right now: a lot of authors are getting pushed back in the queue, while new authors are getting very few days review times, and apparently a lot of substandard work approved. Check it out: What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

And if you check the official review time right now, you’ll see that it’s supposed to be 19 days: What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?


substandard and possible priority in the queue are different stories indeed, u know there are lots accepted “substandards” and sometimes from guys who are from being newbies … and better items which can never make it … i personally believe that if u can bring sufficient traffic here then things are getting through more easily …


Maybe we should upload our christmas tracks… NOW :smiley:


I believe it too, and I try to do that. And I don’t really care much if some substandard stuff gets accepted, and I must say I didn’t check the rumour about it. But some people are clearly getting super fast reviews, while I have to wait a month! It’s very unfair. I’m counting on this as a way of living, I’m taking it seriously.


:smiley: Yeah hahaha!


Indeed - I honestly have 1 in the queue at this moment in time! :wink:


My music kit also waiting month :slight_smile: [quote=“LeChuckz, post:5, topic:50685”]
Maybe we should upload our christmas tracks… NOW :smiley:
Great idea! :grinning::+1:


sorry to tell u just that but this is the wrong way of thinking in my view , because, u know what , having an item spending much time is not so much of a big deal anyway … the reason why we are all in a hurry to have the item accepted , this is becose the whole system is based on number, volume and that we need exposure to get noticed and sell. If not there is no hurry. I would also like to add this , numbers and quality are definitely super important indeed … they are conditioning sales as well … . The saturation of the market, especially with things are not that incredibly extraordinary (in other words which can be judged too flat or even sometimes rather poor) are teh reason why people have trouble to sell and why their items can hardly be found in good positions of search engines , so that they sel or not … kinds of monopolies that u can find here sometimes also are very hurting lost of guys sales as well as we allknow the real importance that being in the first teo pages actually has … otherwise u basically have to take your customer here to buy your item if u wish …

as for discrepancies between categories what u mentioned is not wrong indeed … there maybe a problem of time to control and so on , some item probably take way more time but gaps between categories are too wide …

as for having thinhgs reviewed very quickly , on a longer run this is not that beneficial as the more items u accept daily, the more new items u have on sale additionally and the more yoru chance to to have a good number of sale with one item is reduced in the end …


In terms of music, lengthy queues are not beneficial for the following reason at least. There is demand for music that increases for seasonal events, holidays, sporting events, festivities, religious holidays to name but a few. How do authors know the right time to upload music to coincide with these events with a lengthy queue. The queue needs to be pretty stable.

We are bringing the music to the table Envato’s job is to create a stable and professional environment in which to sell.


i really have no idea how it changes anything … i understand what u try to explain in a way … however, for seasonal matters u just need to adapt your time according to reviewing times , this all … if u need to submit two months before u do thats all …

as for the queuing needing to be stable … i cannot do any other thing that agree , however lets face it if this is one month now this is not going to be 1 week in one week …

envato 's role is probably the one that u mentioned but as for me there is much to do to make things better in many ways … the problem is that not sure they really want things to be better …