Help with resubmission - 4 days in queue

I don’t know, is it normal now and new reality. Usually reviewers responded super fast on resubmission. I edit my error in tags as soon as i received letter from reviewer. But after submitting track for further review, it stuck for more than 2 days. Can someone help?

I had the same problem. The track 3 of the day after the soft reject was pending. I deleted and filled in again(already corrected).
oops … I got a hard reject right away). Don’t do that).

3 days. Cool way to kill release plans.

4 days. Can someone reply? @BenLeong ? This is totally ruining. P. S. I already submitted help request few days ago, wrote to reviewer, but it is totally silent. As far as i know deleting file from queue and resubmitting it is not good idea. So i am in very strange situation now.

Hi @LumenMedia. I’ve just checked with our Operations team - it looks like they’re currently rolling out a new tool that changes the way our Audio reviewers receive items from the queue.

That’s generally good news (more efficient item review tooling, which is already in use for some other content types), but it’s causing some delays for music and SFX at the moment. Resubmissions currently have the same average review time as new items - the team is currently looking at ways to address this.


Thanks for replying. I thought that reason of such a delay is changes in how items reviewed. You confirmed. Thanks. Waiting.

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It would be nice to inform about this in advance, so as not to receive a hard reject for re-uploading the file.
I gave that it was a glitch in the Envato program, and re-downloaded the item - immediately receiving a hard reject.