Resubmission has been "Temporarily Held" for almost 7 days.

Hey fam. I’ve had a track that I had to fix after 24 days in the queue be “temporarily held for further review” after 6 days. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Does this mean I’m about to be featured?! :wink:

Haha you wish! Same here. I have a submission submitted and needed to fix things. Guess we have to wait for another looooong queue length

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No, it means you’re about to be rejected … or approved. I’ve had this twice, with both results, “+” and “–”.

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Was the rejection a soft one?

No, hard :scream: Further review happens when reviewer has doubts about submission and needs another reviewer’s opinion.

:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::sob::sob::sob: Hopefully I don’t run into that problem…thanks again for the input!

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The same problem) I have a submission submitted and needed to add info about tracks duration in a description. 6 days in the “temporarily held for further review” and then hard reject) 29 days in total per track…

Thanks for letting me know…I guess ill find out my fate soon enough, LOL!!