How long does "Temporarily held for further review" take?

An item that I am really pleased with has been in the queue for 12+ days now and has been on hold for 4+ days. Really frustrated.

I had a track held for 27 days like this (back when the typical review time was 9 days). Finally it was approved by one of the reviewers I respect a lot based on their portfolio. This was as if it was “lost” after the first reviewer sought a second opinion 18 days earlier. The track got 2 sales the same week it was approved.
Hope it works out well for you soon.

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Thank you for your comment.

Many thanks to the review team - approved.

Now I would love to know the reason it was temporarily held. What made this track “borderline” I wonder?

I originally submitted the track as an ident (30 seconds max duration) but it has now been renamed as an intro and put into the comedy section. Happy with that decision.

Oh I see, well that’s good of the reviewers to put it in the right place rather than just outright reject it, nice work!