What is the Audiojungle temporarily held for further review queue length now?

Hi. What is the Audiojungle “temporarily held for further review” queue length now?

Your track probably considered as “borderline” and need few more opinions to get approved or rejected.

Usually it takes 2 or 3 days, and occasionally up to 7 days. If it has been more than the usaul, you can get in touch with the Help Team so they provide you some insights into your submission.

My progress “Queued for Review” Submitted 8 days ago… About an hour ago Temporarily held for further review.

Then wait for another few days, you should get an answer after 3-4 days at most. If you don’t get an answer after 4 days, then I suggest you get in touch with the Help Team.

Thanks, I’ll wait. I hope everything will be resolved positively. I think that I chose not to correct category for my track.

Everything was decided for one day. Thanks team Envato!!!