I have 2 Audiojungle items resubmited 4 days ago! Reviewers forgot about me?



I had to resubmit 2 Packs several times because I never did it earlier. At last reviewer said “Thats ok, just attach main files again”. I was happy and atached them instantly. Now I waiting for 4 days of resubmission. :confused: Should I submiting files like New and wait for 24 days? :unamused:


Just be patient and wait :wink:


If you can see them in your dashboard then you just have to wait, but if they’re not there then there was a problem with the (re)upload.


There are some problems with reviews of music packs, since a lot of people are complaining about the length bein 24-25 days, so probably your resubmision is stacked there, I’m sure they’ll fix it soon, so yes, just wait a little longer


Thanks guys! Waiting…


dear administrators,
check my new track too please, thanks!))