Soft Rejection Re-upload Not Working

Hey guys

I’m relatively new to these forums but I hope someone can assist here. I submitted two tracks to Audiojungle, both were SOFT REJECTED meaning I needed to make some adjustments. I went ahead and did that as requested.

But my problem is Audiojungle’s resubmit section has not worked for me the past 3 days. I keep getting a processing timeout error. “Temporary backend issue or your files are too big for us to process quickly”

It’ really frustrating and I don’t know how else to resubmit my edited music. I tried reuploading the files via FTP but still get the same error. Is it this a backlog issue and what can I do to move past it? Many Thanks

I think is the first time i see that message.

Try to open a ticket support about this. They will be happy to help you.

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Many thanks. Let me try that

Hi the Cafe, last week I experienced the exact same issue with my 2 soft rejections. Please could you tell me if you have managed to solve this issue. And yes it is really frustrating - Many thanks in advance and I wish you great success for your compositions.


Well I submitted my ticket with support yesterday. This morning I received an email from Will Bishop at Audiojungle.

So he says it is because I’ve reached my submissions limit for the month. Apparently there is a bug with their system and instead of telling me I’ve reached my limit, it just throws out that random error whenever I try to resubmit my music. So I guess I have to wait for November.

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Hi the_Cafe,

Thank you so much for your answer.

I experienced the same answer with Will. I don’t know when you submitted your tracks, in my case : I submitted my tracks -in total 5- in October one week BEFORE the announce of limitation. 2 weeks later, I received 3 hard rejections and 2 soft rejections still in October and I made the requested corrections immediately. So I don’t understand why the tracks are not published also in October and why we have to wait till November that will “burn” the option of submitting 2 other new tracks. Maybe I missed something, I am still in the learning curve at the moment, but just my 2c.

Absolutely. I was wondering the same thing,re-submissions shouldn’t affect our limit since it’s just editing tracks that have already been submitted. My case is very similar to yours. For November I will have 2 less tracks to submit :frowning: