Can't upload my music

I can’t upload my music. I can’t understand why? When I try to upload one, I see “Take my profile”. I have been filled out all accessed text boxes.
Can anybody help my?

Is this your first upload?
Audiojungle is not accepting more authors.

I remember them saying it would take 6 months or more to accept new authors again. That was in May 2021. Hopefully they accept new authors soon!

I’m thinking whether this situation concerns me as well… You see - I made an account on Envato in 2017 but it was “dormant” - I haven’t made any uploads/submissions. This summer I decided to try to sell stuff on audiojungle. I submitted a track in August and it was hard rejected within 72h from submission. I see on a forum that usual queue time for review is recently around 6-7 days. After reading few posts on a forum I started thinking that maybe the reviewer didn’t even listen to the track, as I’m considered AND automatically rejected as “new author”? What do you think? Hard rejection is a bit of a blow into the ego of an author, and if the reason is what I suspect - going thru it again and again thinking that your music is considered subpar, while the reason is different is something I’d rather avoid :wink:

Hi @Pete-sTracks. There is no policy for automatically rejecting submissions from new authors - currently it’s not possible to create a new Envato Market author account for Music or SFX, but upload and review access for accounts created before that change are not affected.

Sorry to hear that your first track was rejected :frowning:

You can see average turnaround times for AudioJungle item review here: Envato Marketplace Review Times

That fluctuates quite a lot depending on upload numbers and how many reviewers we have active, but it’s currently around 6 days. I’ve seen it as low as 2-3 days (quite rarely, though!), and as high as 30+ (before we made changes to submission limits).

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The last two tracks were accepted in 1 day. Before that, 2-3 days. A little earlier - 5-6 days.
Your track Artware_music apparently just rejected (unfortunately).
Your account was registered before the new rules, so it’s working.
Just a reject.