Cannot upload first item

I have been a member of audiojungle for a year now, but only recently registered as an author on audiojungle.
I have filled my profile with all infos, tax etc. When I click on “Upload my first Item”, the page refreshes and nothing happens. I have tried different browser, disabled adblock etc and nothing seems to help.
I am not US based. Can someone help please?

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Hello @pinkpigeon

Please take a look at this thread. It will answer all your questions:


Hello MrsEnabled

Thank you for your reply. I have seen that Envato does not accept music from new artists, but we can apply to show our interest. However, shortly after I applied, I got a confirmation email saying I am an authour and can now sell audio online besides other things.

pls find screenshot of mail attached where you can clearly read it mentions AUDIO too.

Maybe time for Envato to change their automatic response?


Thank you a lot for letting us know!

Ben already saw this (as he liked your message) and I’m sure he’ll spread the word to the Envato team that’s in charge with this :blush:

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