Upcoming change to new author applications for AudioJungle

Hi all. This thread contains details on an upcoming change to the way new AudioJungle authors can access the marketplace. Current audio authors will not be directly affected, but we’re sharing the details here so you are aware of the changes.

What’s changing?

From Monday 24 May 2021, we will be pausing our intake of new authors for AudioJungle. If you apply to start a new Envato Author account after this date, you will be unable to upload any new items to AudioJungle.

We are currently reviewing the best way to sustainably bring new authors to AudioJungle, and expect this process to take at least 6 months to complete.

Why are we making this change?

We currently allow any new author to sign up and submit audio items for review. Whilst this allows any aspiring author a chance at becoming published, the volumes of content we see are impacting our review queue, and the average quality of items from new accounts is not where we want it to be. We recognise that this approach is not sustainable, and not in the best interests of AudioJungle in the long term.

We will therefore not accept new authors to AudioJungle from 24 May, and expect to implement a new process for sustainably introducing new authors at a later date.

This is part of a series of changes we are making to improve AudioJungle and respond to feedback from our community. Other related initiatives, such as the introduction of submission limits, are already having an impact by raising the quality of submitted items. We expect that this change to our new author intake will also help to reduce the average waiting time for our audio review queues.

What’s next?

If you have any questions about this change, please add them to this thread - we’ll answer these in batches, and will add them to the FAQ below.

When this change comes into effect on May 24, we’ll update this thread to confirm that the changes are live.



When will this change take place?

We will be implementing this change on Monday, 24 May.

How long will this change last for?

At this stage, we’re planning to pause new author access to AudioJungle for around six months. We’ll be closely monitoring the impact this change has on AudioJungle’s review queues throughout that period. If there are any changes to the planned duration, we’ll be notifying authors as soon as possible.

Are existing authors affected by this?

No. If you can currently upload items to AudioJungle, you will not be affected by this change.

Are other marketplaces affected?

No. This change only affects new authors for AudioJungle. Authors signing up for other content types (for example, graphic design or video) will not be affected.

What happens if I sign up after May 24?

You will be able to complete the author sign-up process as normal, but you won’t have the ability to upload content to AudioJungle. You will be able to register an expression of interest for selling on AudioJungle when you create a new author account, and we’ll contact you once the new process is open.

Why haven’t Submission Limits fixed the problems with AudioJungle’s review queues?

The introduction of submission limits has improved item quality (resulting in higher approval ratios). However, it has had minimal impact on reducing review queues. This is largely because AudioJungle continues to receive a high volume of item submissions in the form of small numbers of items submitted by many different accounts.

Does this change affect the way Music and SFX authors can access Elements?

No. We are currently inviting authors to join Elements where their portfolio can fill a specific content gap in the Elements Music or SFX library, and public applications are not available. The change to AudioJungle’s new author application process does not change this.

I have friends who want to sell on AudioJungle. How can they join?

If they have a portfolio ready to go, encourage them to sign up now! New authors will still be able to apply to sell on AudioJungle until May 24. After that time, no new authors will be able to upload content to AudioJungle for approximately six months.

I’m an existing author. Can I create a new account before May 24?

You can, but please remember that you may not have more than one exclusive and one non-exclusive account, and an ID check will be required for each new account (see our Exclusivity Policy for details).


Great news! And what most exciting in this news - we were heard. Thank you.


One down, thanx!


I think this a very good decision. Thank you!


Sounds like good news. It would also be great to clean the copycats and duplicate tracks mess a bit, but one step at a time, I know.


Great news


Good news! Hopefully this will return the queue for 2-3 days.


Great news! This is the right and necessary decision!


Finally some proper steps being taken to handle this mess! That’s a good start :+1:


Great news! We were heard. This is a good step to the place, where AJ wants to be.


This is the right and necessary decision!


A good start :slight_smile:

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Good new and right decision, IMO. Hope it will help to stabilise present authors incomes and reach overal AJ growth

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Looks good.


Absolutely good news!


I’m interested in this fragment. How do I make new non-exclusive account? Should I register totally new account on some different e-mail and then link them together somehow?

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I don’t understand what big difference between 5 and 10 review days? I think more important to make this period more stable. Let it be 15 days but always 15 days so everyone can schedule publications.

An excellent idea I would say!

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And if income of new authors will be closed for too long it won’t be good for AJ. It probably be nice for current authors for some period, but any creative product without providing an influx of fresh ideas has always been devalued. I think nobody want it for AJ.

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