You will be able to resubmit this item as soon as one of your submitted items has been reviewed.

Hi guys!

I just had an e-mail from a reviewer saying that I need to make a slight tweak on mixing/mastering (was too heavy).

Ok, fixed!

The kindly provided link in a soft reject e-mail leads me directly to an EDIT menu of this item for me to resubmit it, but then I actually see this:

And while I still am waiting for a few days without a possibility to upload new music now I am also limited to making a fix to the music I submitted almost 2-3 weeks ago and I need to additionally wait here losing even more time.

As for me I never heard of limiting the resubmissions in recent Envato announcements - did you? Maybe I missed something.



I just got another submission approved and according to the statement I now should have an option to resubmit this track again.

But I still see the message and it won’t allow me to do it.

So what’s going on? This is BAD.

This sounds like the re-submission tool has not been updated to fit the new policy. You should contact support with this. They will more than likely fix the tool to so that re-submissions don’t count against the upload limit.

Will do, thanks!

Hi Olexandr.
Yes write an email to support team. Let us know what they will answer.


One of the authors sent me this, I think that explains everything!

Well OK, the thread can be closed now until anyone wants to discuss this! :smile: