Can I change my description while beeing queued?

Hi community
I uploaded my first track 7 days ago and I´m still queued. Now I mentioned that I´ve made a mistake in the description. Can I change this while it´s queued or do I have to delete it and reupload it?
Thank you

You can wait to see if the track is approved and change it then, or you can delete it and reupload again.

Thank you for the fast answer. Unfortunately I´ve pasted the tags into the description so I don´t think it will be approved. How long is the normal time for approvement at the moment?

12-13 days :slight_smile:

Wow that´s very long. I´ve read another threat from 2014 when it was just about 4 days.

You should check this thread!

Thnak you very much for your help. So I better delete the track and fill it out correctly. This should save time.

Wait until you have an answer from the reviewer! It will probably a SOFT REJECT and then you’ll have the chance to correct your description or tags

After the resubmisson it will take a couple of hours for you item to be accepted

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OK. Then I´ll wait.

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