What can you do?

I have had a Themeforest theme (Avada) for a while now and have recently decided to actually develop the website using it. I have upgraded to all the latest versions of themes & required addons & spent time (too much tbh) learning their system.

I use a add-on that allow for svg graphics to be used on the website and have svg’s for icons etc. I want to use one of them as a header logo and have done so and it worked in the past. Then the theme was updated and the svg icons disappeared but only on the header, the logo exists and looks fine on the “under construction” I have facing the public.

Since my 6mo support time has elapsed, I can’t get support from them anymore (which I never used initially). The online documentation is circular and the knowledge base always seems out of date. I found one similar problem that recommended emptying web caches & the theme cache, but that didn’t work and the instructions were given by another user and were incomplete at best.

What I really could use is a an indicator of what kind of element you are working on (editing) when you hover over an item that is in a nested list system that has 12 kinds of menus in it and looks completely different that the last time you changed the same item 6 months ago.

Just ranting in frustration I guess.

Hi @thottbubble,

Welcome to the forums! You can actually renew support on Avada theme: