Having Major Problems with [Removed] and need to talk to Envato

I now realize ThemeForest makes it impossible to send emails or talk to them over the phone with problems. HOW IN THE WORLD do I make a complaint and get some customer service from ThemeForest?

There’s tons of themes with that name so it’s hard to give precise links but if you have issues with the theme then you need to speak with the author not envato.

If you look on the item page above the main preview image there will be three tabs including one titled “support” which will guide you on where to look to contact them.

It’s almost certainly covered in the documentation with the file also.

I have contacted [Removed] about their [Removed] theme. Believe I have a long record of support tickets. Since early October I have been asking for a refund my money because the theme does not have basic Visual Composer functions. They insisted they could not refund me the money until they tried fixing it. By the time they responded I had already purchased another theme and moved on.

I then installed the [Removed] theme on a fake domain to show them again what the problem was. I created an admin on the domain for them to do their thing. They asked me to put in code into the CSS to make the basic feature work in the row. I then asked why another very basic feature wasn’t working. Their response was “Because in the [Removed] theme ,we have some reason forced to leave some of the functionality of the VC.” But those functions are what I need. Now they want me to do more coding. The problem is not fixed it is a work around that knocks out other features. Oh my gosh, the reason people, including myself, buy themes are so we don’t have to do code, especially code that have to bring back basic VC features back. I have asked for the 4th time for them to refund me. Their theme does me no good. I am not a code person. I need VC to work like it does on other themes I have purchased.

I have wasted so much of my time showing them over and over again that the theme does not do what I need it to do. They will not refund me, they want me to keep the theme and change coding. My other problem is going to be when I install plugins that work with VC that won’t work with their so called forced reasons to leave certain functionality out of VC. If I was to even use this them on a real domain I would have to get them to do all the coding again or have to do it myself. Ahhhhh

The only thing I think I can do now is call my credit card company and have them give me my money back from Envato because [Removed] is not willing to help. I am official making this my formal complaint against [Removed] and their terrible service. Who do I need to talk to with Envato to get this resolved???

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You can open a ticket with support herehttps://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Although check first if you are entitled to a refund here.

If the functionality you want was included but does not work then you will be entitled to a refund. If it was not included in the original theme or demo, and the author is simply trying to find a work around for you, then envato may feel you are not entitled to a refund.

Either way only support can make a decision on this and calling out authors and files is not allowed in community guidelines so going to close the thread.