Complain about a author

Hi to all how can i Complain about an [Removed] that i purchase a wordpress Theme from.

i am not the first one the Complain they do not provided proper support from raised the ticket also ticket no is not generated. suggest pls review author rating and reverts. and assist me for refund process.

It’s better to contact Envato support

You can open a refund request here:

Because the theme includes support, the author is responsible for helping you with the following (only if your support has not expired yet!):

  • Answering questions
  • Getting assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets (including non-free plugins)

If the author is not providing these things for you, you should open a refund request. More details on when you’re eligible for a refund:

If the author does not approve the refund request, you can raise the issue with Envato support and let them know that you’re not being provided proper support for the item.

You can contact Envato support here:

If you contact Envato support, you can expect an initial response within 2-3 days though it can take a little longer sometimes.

Follow the links provided by @baileyherbert above to support or refund requests but closing thread in the meantime as it’s not something that can be resolved in the forums and is against the TOS.