Not sure what to do?

I have a pressing question and I hope that someone here might give me advice.

I bought a theme, as I’ve done numerous times before, this time though there are some problems with the theme I paid for.

These guys who are not allowed to be named who heads up this brand and are listed as elite authors on Themeforest with over 7000 sales, yet for reasons beyond what I can understand have decided to completely ignore all my emails for support for the above-mentioned theme. I have even gone to Envato support and they called them and apparently said they will reply but another 48 hours later and a total of 8 days they have not responded to any request and I do not think at this point they will ever.

So what do I do, when these guys who are to cool for the customers of Envato decide they will not give the support they offer, a refund is one option but again the request gets sent to them and they can reply if they feel like it and if they don’t what then?

What should I do and what can I do?

Thanks for your time and replies.

Hello Beven,

As I already replied in your other topic, please open a ticket for Envato Help and Support and they will know how to guide you with this issue:
Envato Help and Support

Unfortunately, this issue is not something that can be solved in these public forums.

Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:

Well it can’t be resolved with support neither, yet I has charged … There are forums out there that will listen, just thought we can help each other!

We are a helpful community too :wink:

If instead of talking about how bad an author is, if you post your issue or ask for a technical help, there are authors around here who can help.

But complaining about certain theme or author in the public forum…I’m afraid it doesn’t help anybody :frowning:

It does offer guidance to other Envato customers of pitfalls to avoid when navigation the market place. Keeping your supply chain accountable will only promote business and by allowing them to have to answer to the very public they are here to serve could ensure proper service delivery. That is after all the point of reputation management for any brand whether it be personal or business.

My aim of coming here was to speak to other customers who might have been in the same boat and get feedback from them, not get into a tit for tat with a moderator. This is a real matter and if you read my post that you’ll notice I have trying other avenues and as a result came here as a last resort. As you said this is a community and as a Envato reacquiring customer form part of this community, I never complained, I asked!

If you had a bad experience with an item, this does not mean that the entire Envato market is the same :wink:

If you want to help other customers, navigate to that item ratings page and leave a review, please :slight_smile: This would help them better.

If you wish to receive a refund, Envato Help & Support will help.

If you already opened a ticket for Envato Support, please wait for their reply, until they contact the theme author.

You said you have a pressing question and unfortunately, these are the only options.