What can be done when Purchase is not showing on Account.

I purchased a theme discy by 2Code on 13-JAN-2023 but it is not showing in my account. Purchase is successful, i confirmed from bank on transaction reference number. I am afraid to purchase the same theme again until previous purchase refunded.
unfortunately, i can not raise refund as item is not showing in account. i raised tickets to EVANTO help centre but no response is last 4 days.
Please suggest any solution for this scenario.

Hi @jainsourabh5,

If it is your first purchase then envato has sent you an email to confirm your purchase. you have to confirm by clicking the link/button in that email. then you will see your item under your Downloads page.

If you didn’t receive the email then in your Downloads page there you will see a notification and a link to resend the confirmation link to your email. click on resend it will send email with confirmation link. so that you can confirm your email and your purchased will be ready to download.

As you have created a support ticket with Envato, please keep patience Envato Customer support team will reply you as quickly they can.


Thank You very much for your response.
I received email to verify email ID. did not receive purchase related email for activation also I am unable to find the link to resend confirmation, on download page. I am getting below text on download page.

You haven’t bought anything yet.

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please keep patience Envato Customer support team will reply your open ticket as quickly they can. Only they are the right team to help on this.



Keep patience until reply from Envato market help center they will fix your problem.


Yes, I am keeping patience. :slight_smile: have no other option here.
Developers purchase themes to reduce development efforts, but such issues already took 5 days time and no response from Envato support team. they didn’t even share any SLA to respond and solve.

Anyway keeping patience but losing trust on service and product.

Thank You Very much everyone for suggestions. really appreciate prompt response in forum.

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