Purchased a theme, got proof, but nothing is to be found in the account

hi there,
we’ve purchased the Enfold theme a while ago, and still fighting to get the package and purchase code.
When connected to the account, in the download section It says :
You haven’t bought anything yet.

I have the purchase proof and have been now fighting to get a refund for the purchase. Not a good experience so far.

You have no buyer badge on this account to suggest purchases are associated with the account.

Either way, only support will be able to provide an explanation Envato Market Help and Support



Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your download.

If it is your first purchase then envato has sent you an email to confirm your purchase. you have to confirm by clicking the link/button in that email. then you will see your item under your Downloads page.

If you didn’t receive the email then in your Downloads page there you will see a notification and a link to resend the confirmation link to your email. click on resend it will send email with confirmation link. so that you can confirm your email and your purchased will be ready to download.

Otherwise please open a Help ticket :point_up_2: and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


Make sure you log-in to Envato with the correct email if you have multiple accounts.

You are way too late to enter this fray, and in all the years I have been online, and purchased numerous products, I have NEVER experienced such horrific customer service as I have with Envato! NEVER!! You have wasted the best part of two weeks of my precious time! I WANT MY $67.41 REFUNDED, AND I WANT NOTHING MORE TO DO WITH ENVATO… EVER AGAIN!!

Contact support for help. There’s noone here on the forum could help you ( We are all volunteers )