Cannot find Item that was already Purchased

Hi All,

This is my first post here at Envato Forums so forgive me if everything is not done correctly. I’ll jump right into it; I Purchased a theme (Adforest) on Sunday from Themeforest and went about creating a new account and submitting my details for the payment. The payment processed successfully and I could download and save the theme, and so I did. Went to upload the theme on WP where I was prompted to enter the purchase key. Purchase key, what purchase key?? After some research I found out where to find it just to discover that I never apparently made the purchase even though my account was debited and I was able to download the theme. Under the download section where you should normally find all your purchased items, I only have this screen:

I submitted numerous requests as well as trying their call center but to no avail. Nobody from Envato has gotten back to me in 3 days I cannot do any work while I am waiting for this to be fixed. Is there anybody that might be able to assist with this. Should I get into contact with the Author?


Getting touch with
Envato Customer Success

They would like to assist you



I did or at least I tried. Opened an query on Sunday, then called on Monday and did another follow-up today but still no response hence me resorting to the forums for assistance.

I see they say they try to respond within 24 hours but it doesn’t seem to be the case. How long do they usually take to respond?

Thanks for the fast reply!


My opinion is keep patience hope they will reply to you soon.
Envato market is broad marketplace there is lots of ticket on queue they will reply on by one.

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Yeah I will have to as I do not see another way, Thanks anyway for the assistance!!