My download is empty after purchased the theme

I purchased a theme using my credit card and downloaded it, but I didn’t get the purchase code. The next day, my downloaded item was empty, and I couldn’t find the purchase code. However, the purchase is listed in the statement tab. Now, I’m having issues with the theme and can’t contact the theme author.

Is it possible you’ve accidentally logged into the wrong account?

If you’re certain that isn’t the case, please reach out to Envato Support at the link below so they can locate the purchase for you:

Envato Market Help and Support

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Yes i sent a mail to them, still they didn’t reply regarding this. I can’t get back my downloaded items. Is this any way to get back my downloaded items.

Please keep patience support team will reply as quickly they can. Thanks

Yes, I am awaiting a response from support. Can you tell me how long it typically takes to get a response to an email? I need to inform my client about the issue. It has been almost three days with no response regarding the download issue.

There’s no fixed time but 5-7 working days is not uncommon.

FYI you have no buyer badge so the purchase must have not gone through or been cancelled (statements would correct in a few days)

You recently changed username - did you change any other info?

What does the buyer badge mean?
We only changed the username the day before yesterday; we didn’t change anything else.

Actually, my client, who is in Dubai, purchased the theme for us using our login. The next day, my account was locked. I raised a ticket with the support team, and my account was unlocked, but my download files had vanished, and I can only see the statements.

As that breaches security and policy esp if you are also not in dubai then almost certainly what happened is that the purchase is cancelled as a precaution (hence the account was temporarily disabled).

You are quite lucky the account was reinstated.

It may still show on statements but that will probably update given time and the payment that was taken also refunded or cancelled.

If you had a confirmed purchase you would have the buyer badge on your profile

I haven’t received the refund amount. Could you please confirm when I can expect the refund and how I can check the status of the refund?