My account download & purchase history is blank

My account user craiggrant11 is showing no download or purchase history, but I’ve purchased several themes before. Please help

Hi @craiggrant11,

Please login to your Envato market account then Please download the Item from your Dashboard => Download tab. To go to download page please refer this link for themeforest Downloads. There you will find all of your purchased Item list. You can download them from there.

Otherwise please open an Envato Customer support Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


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As mentioned, my downloads area is blank (You haven’t downloaded anything.) so your instructions aren’t very helpful so I will submit a ticket, thanks for providing that link


Is it possible you logged in and purchased items using another account? There should no reason otherwise why you cannot see downloaded items.

No I double checked and it is definitely the same account, in fact here is a screenshot of a purchase receipt for the account I received on 4-16-22


So on that specific email there is a link which will say:

“Download your license certificate at your Downloads page. If you have trouble accessing your item, you can visit our Help Center or contact our Help Team”

The link on Downloads page should take you straight to your downloads URL -
If that isn’t happening, then I cannot explain why this would be the case.

Reset Password | Envato Account

Should allow you to get back in if for some reason your details are incorrect. Otherwise you will need to as @mgscoder suggested contact Envato Support.

I hope you get it sorted!

Presumably you didn’t refund or challenge any of them?

I’ve just checked your Envato Market account, and can see 15 previous purchases on your Downloads page (14 currently available, and one older item that the author has since removed from the marketplace).

Hope it was just an intermittent error, and that you can access your purchases again now!

If you continue having problems accessing the downloads, our Customer Support team should be able to help troubleshoot.

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I was able to see my downloads by clicking on a link from a prior email from Envato which sent me to WordPress Themes & Website Templates from ThemeForest, but I still do not see any downloads at Any idea why and/or how to fix this?

That’s not how elements works.

You cannot see the downloads and files in the same way because once you unsubscribe you no longer have access to them.

You can see a list of files downloaded in your elements profile but not with the option to download source files again.

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