I paid a theme and nothing to download in my account

Hi there,
The chosen category is wrong but I’ve got a problem.
I paid by paypal the salient theme and no notification by email and nothing to download in my account.
Someone could be help me please?
Thank you


May be you didn’t confirm your email. Please go to your Downloads page there you will see a notification and a link to resend the confirmation link to your email. click on resend it will send email with confirmation link. so that you can confirm your email and your purchased will be ready to download.

Otherwise please open Help ticket and let them know. They will be happy to assist you.


Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
There’s nothing in the download section except " You haven’t bought anything yet."
My english is very summary, so I not sure to understand if “I received a confirmation link to my email”, after creating my envato account, or after purchased the theme?

After creating envato account you will receive email with subject line:

Confirm your Envato Account

If you create and purchased item at the same time then also you will get email to confirm your email and also in download page you will get option as I mentioned my last reply.

Please make sure you are talking about envato market not envato elements. only envato market sales items where envato elements provide a subscription package.


I created and purchased item at the same time but not email to confirm my email… It was well envato market (themeforest.net). I posted a ticket. The guy said there is a possibility that the purchase was not successful.
I will create a new account and purchase again.
Anyways, very thanks to you for your help.

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did you got the product or unable to download it?