Not receiving a confirmation email to unlock the downloads

I brought a theme yesterday with a new account, paid for it, and then went to download it and it said that I needed to confirm my email. Hit the confirm email button, and yet nothing has come through for a whole day now. I changed the email and resent the confirmation email, and it worked, yet the downloads still needed me to confirm the other email that wasn’t receiving the confirmation email for me to activate it. Has anyone got any ideas, as Envato is taking well to long to reply been over a day now?



Please open Help ticket and let them know if you didn’t already. Envato Customer support team will reply you as quickly they can and will be happy to assist you.



I have tried this, but I still haven’t got a reply yet and have been waiting over a day now… How comes you don’t need a confirmation email to buy something… yet you need a confirmation email to download something? Doesn’t make much sense if you ask me.

confirmation email not for always when you will purchase and download. this confirmation email only for the first time you will create account and will purchase for the first time and it is for security measure. please wait envato support team will tell you more details on this. they will reply as quickly they can. Thanks