Confirmation Email

Hello everybody. I´m a newbie here.
Just a question: I ordered the “BE” theme 5 hours ago. But no confirmation mail. how long does it take? i checked my spam twice, and tried to receive it again. nothing… what should I do?
Thank you so much!

Hello @Blushpink

Regarding the email, it should arrive in a couple of minutes after the purchase. If you not received it, maybe it was blocked by a firewall or something similar. If you wish, the Envato Help&Support team can help you better with tracking the emails from Envato servers, a support ticket for this can be open here:

Until then, regarding the theme you bought, you can download the theme, the license certificate and the license code if you navigate to this page: and click the green “Download” button near the name of the theme bought.

Hoping it helps a bit,
All the best!