Purchased 'X' but no confirm email...

Hello all,

I purchased ‘X’ theme and they say they will send me a confirm email but I never get it…need it to download the theme. Contacted support but says the wait is 5 days!!!

Any help would be great.




Hi Richard,

You don’t need a confirmation email to download the product. It can be found in the Downloads folder of your ThemeForest account. If you are talking about registering for our member area and are having trouble registering there, feel free to contact us directly. Keep in mind that if you contacted Envato and their support said 5 days, they are separate from our company. We simply sell our product on Envato’s marketpalce and you are welcome to contact us directly if you need anything further as these are general ThemeForest forums.


Thanks for the quick reply Themeco…your support has always been outstanding. I sent a direct message to you via your link.

Message I get on Themeforest via the downloads page is

Confirm your email address to complete your order.

We previously sent an email to richard@####### with a confirmation link.
Can’t find the email? Resend

But I never receive an email…even tried changing emails. Payment has been taken from paypal.



Same problem here. I bought “Brixton”.

I’m probably blind, but I cannot seem to find a “download folder”. It’s confusing the theme forest stuff seems to be mixed into envato.

Thankful for any assistance,


You’re most welcome, Richard! We just contacted Envato on your behalf to see if we can speed up a response as any account related questions like that will need to be directed to them as we have no access to that data.

Mike - We do not own Brixton, we are the makers of the X Theme. This is a general ThemeForest forum, and we simply happened to see a question related to X. If you are having an issue accessing a product you purchased from Envato, you will need to contact them directly: support@envato.com

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Sign into your themeforest account and click on your username, there will be a tab called ‘downloads’ from there you can download all of your content. My problem is that I never received any confirm email…very frustrating considering I have paid them in full.

Texamco X: Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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same problem. Purchased “fitness-wellness” theme.
NO confirmation email! FIX IT please!

Receive an email from Envato saying

(Envato Market Help)

Oct 20, 01:09

Hey Richard,

Thank you for contacting Envato Help. Your account has been manually verified.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

But still in the same spot. Cannot download or confirm email.

Can I please get this fixed Envato? I need to get started ASAP. You took my money but have not provided product.

check your spam folder, it will likely be in there, some email providers have high settings for spam (you should be able to either lower this or tag envato emails as not spam).

I use various email systems including gmail, outlook and custom email servers and not once had Envato emails go to spam.

Thanks Gareth,

I did what you mentioned already to no avail.

4 minutes after last post they sent me an email to confirm…Thanks

This topic can be closed as it is resolved.

how did you get them to send it? I’m stuck as well.

I paid a plug-in, but letters today too, in the folder of loading no what is present

Termich are you saying that you purchased something but did not receive the email?

Is it possible for you to do this for me? I am having the same problem with a product I purchased and they have already taken the funds.


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Yes, did not receive. In the folder spam is not present too. From me too the full sum was written off with PayPal

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Same for me, too.

Failure means, we with you successfully bought today =)))