After making a payment with paypal i did not get an email with a download link. I googled and I saw that many other buyers have been complaining for years about this.

The help feedback form is not working. Every time u try to submit it asks you to check the FAQ first. There is no phone number or the site or live chat support.

So if u are a developer how do u manage to purchase a theme?

If you bought the file then it will all be on your downloads page

If you didn’t get the email maybe the payment didn’t go through? Maybe the email got spammed?

Either way check your downloads and see if it’s there.

PayPal deducted the payment from my balance and Envato put the payment status on processing? I asked paypal to cancel the payment and they said cant.

So I wonder why Envato puts the payment on processing after paypal has already removed the payment from my account.

This is ridiculous since I have to wait till somebody from envato feels like giving me the files that I already paid for

Hey Ictned,

It seems you caught us at a bad time!

When you create an account whilst checking out, you’re supposed to receive a confirmation email. Once your email address has been confirmed, your purchase completes and your purchase is downloadable from within your account.

On this occasion, your purchase occurred whilst we were experiencing an unexpected email delivery issue (this has been fixed within the last few minutes).

I’ve gone ahead and confirmed your account + completed your purchase, so you should now be able to log in and download when you’re ready.

The help feedback form is not working. Every time u try to submit it asks you to check the FAQ first.

Hmm, that’s odd. We aren’t aware of any issues with the ticket creation process. Could you let me know the URL of the page you’re experiencing this on?

Thanks, we’re really sorry about the inconvenience.

EDIT: Removed following staff reply

The payment was now processed and I got the file. Thank you. However this is the second time in 2 purchasing that the purchase process was very frustrating with envato. The last time my Philippines card was delayed and I didnt get any emails from envato and i lost my customer.

So i hope you guys will also adapt your purchasing process thinking about people who buy from outside the USA/

I’m sorry to hear that, it’s definitely not our intention to make your experience as difficult as possible :neutral_face: . Given the nature of cross-border payments, regrettably sometimes payment issues can occur for reasons beyond our control. We appreciate that time is precious for creatives such as yourself, so when this happens we try our hardest to resolve your problem as quickly as possible. If you opened a support ticket with us at the time I’d be more than happy to review that for you.

Do you have any more information regarding the FAQ problem when opening a ticket with us?