Item purchased but not available in "downloads"

Hi to everyone,
I purchased an item 4 days ago. The overall cost was 25.41 dollars. I can’t see the track in “download” file. Have I been robbed? So it looks so far… I’d welcome anny suggestion how to solve this.

Thanks for reply!

PS: Transaction ID is 7HD40461TC0727325.

If it is not in (assuming you are logged in) then you should contact support here.

Did you receive the confirmation email from envato?

That’s what I did. With no reply yet.

Yes, the one with heading “Your payment to Envato Pty Ltd has been processed”.

I don’t know what to do next, How long to wait for the reply…

Support normally can be a few days (depends on the number of requests opened).

That does not sound like an envato email more like PayPal or similar.

Normally envato send you an email saying “Thanks for buying with us. Below is a summary of your recent purchase. You can download your purchased item at your downloads page and view your invoice(s) on your statement here.

Your profile does not have a buyer badge which usually means it did not process. Had you just opened your account before buying the file? If so did you confirm your email and account before buying?

Hopefully support will be quick and can fix it

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