PayPal Issue

I have been trying to contact the Envato support for several days, but get no reply to my ticket. PayPal is as usually also not responding. The Theme seller says they have no control over the issue.

PayPal keeps returning this issue when trying to make a purchase:

Your payment was unable to be processed by Paypal.
Please try using a different payment method.

I have tried using my Paypal account, different credit cards, different devices, different browers, but I always get the same issue.

I have read over a hundred of messages on the old forum of people with the same issue, but there’s no solution. The support service on the old forum tells people to send in a ticket, but it’s kind of pointless when they don’t respond to your tickets in a timely manner.

Does anyone have any other tips to fix this?

Thanks in advance

Hello Jens!

We also heard about the same issue from our customers for about a week but they didn’t contact Envato team as far as we know.
All of those users were from Europe, all other regions didn’t face difficulties as far as we know.
Does anyone know anything about this issue?
Dear Envato Team! Maybe you have any information about it from Paypal.
Any tips are appreciated.

Best regards,
DFD team.

Thanks. Good to know it’s not an error from my side. I will ask my girlfriend in the USA to place the order.

I have been trying to buy a theme since yesterday and received the following message everytime

Your payment was unable to be processed by PayPal.

My location is INDIA. Any Help is appreciated

Thanks in advance

Same problem on my side
Impossible to checkout and pay via laptop and via mobile.
HELP HELP! i need my theme

ive been trying for a few days! tomorrow is the deadline for my project :frowning: