Payment issue from India. HELP! HELP! HELP!

Hi Guys! I am new to themeforest and I want to purchase a theme. But I am unable to do so. I DO NOT have a credit card. I DO NOT have a skrill account. I have a PayPal account. But everytime it says, “Payment” cannot be process.

Can anyone out there who face the same problem like me? Please help me out.

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Please open a Help ticket. They will be happy to help :smile:


I have already contacted a custome care of Envato. And they reply it with this message.

Hi Purnendu,

Thank you for reaching out and I hope you’re doing well. My name is Levi, from Envato Customer Success Team at your service.

Sorry for the issues you are having trying to purchase. We do not handle any of the monetary transactions made to the site, these are done by PayPal, Skrill, or your credit card provider. In most cases, you will need to contact their support to resolve issues encountered while checking out.

PayPal support can be contacted via
Skrill support can be contacted via

Though we can’t help transactions process successfully, I have some helpful suggestions accumulated over time from our users:

Occasionally buyers have reported having issues checking out. Fortunately, they’ve also reported that it’s not a permanent issue so if you clear your browser cache and cookies, and then try the transaction again, you’ll likely be able to successfully purchase the item you’re interested in.

We know that our users, also, report a greater success rate for purchases when making sure that their details match their PayPal, Skrill and financial institution details (for example, make sure that your registered email address here is the same as the email address that you’ve used for PayPal).

Some other suggestions that may be helpful are to attempt your purchase from a mobile device like a smartphone, or, try using an alternate payment source such as a different credit card.

Lastly, we’re an Australian-based company. It’s not uncommon for Credit Card issuers to block an overseas payment until you’ve approved it. You might need to contact your card issuer to see if they’ve added any blockers to your card.

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I’ve had this happen to me as well (for other sites) - sometimes it went away on its own after a few hours, other times it was due to me putting in the wrong billing details for my card. From what I’ve heard, there are many other possible reasons.

Since this is an issue with PayPal, you should contact them instead to help figure out the issue. They offer support over email or phone and can likely provide more details on why the transaction is failing.

PayPal support -


It’s really frustrating. I have contacted the PayPal service and they told me to change the address according to the PayPal address. And I did according but no LUCK!!! Do anyone know any other tips or tricks?

You cant purchase without credit card.
Credit card must be linked to paypal to purchase.

Did you purchased anything anywhere using paypal ?

Thanks for all of the messages! But I figure it out. For Indian purchaser, one can simple buy anything on Envato with a SBI account and he/she must posses SBI Global Debit card not the normal one. And during purchase he/she must paid though PAYPAL using SBI Global Debit card!

@purkait Please help me out…i’m not able to get elementor subscription through paypal. I have Same SBI BLOBAL DEBIT CARD

Well, you SBI Global card is Debit Card. You need a SBI credit card to purchase elementor.

Most likely you need to contact PayPal support.