Payment problem

Hello. I have tried to buy Woopress theme through your shop, but it
didnt work. I tried both with paypal and skrill, the money has been
reserved on my bank account but I got an error that was something like
"paypal transaction declined". I also tried to transfer money from
skrill to envato credit, and it didn’t work either, still the money has
been reserved. The paypal transaction was on 61 USD and the Skrill on 70
USD. Could an administrator please help me fix this?

I had same problem last night.

I was transferred to PayPal to purchase a WordPress theme. I paid at
PayPal. When I was transferred back to Envato, there was a payment error
message, but the payment successfully processed at PayPal.

PayPal sent me a receipt and the funds have left my bank account, but
I don’t have the product I paid for. This is disturbing and unpleasant.

Please open a support ticket here and someone can assist:

I already opened a support ticket but haven’t got any answer yet.

Thank you, @dtbaker. I opened a ticket about 10 hours ago. Awaiting response. Thanks for your reply.

I got the money back, but still don’t know how I can buy a theme when it’s not possible to pay.