Purchased via Skrill but Theme still not sent to my email

Hi! It’s me again!

So my boss purchased a wordpress theme. The payment used was via Skrill but the Envato account is mine. He told me that Skrill already notified him that the amount(theme) was already deducted from his credit account.

Upon checking my email (which is linked to my Envato), I still didn’t have the wordpress theme download link.

Does it really take hours or a day to have the theme if payment used was via Skrill?

PS This is my first time doing an online payment/transaction that’s why I’m kinda paranoid
Thanks again!


Check this tab in your Envato themeforest account https://themeforest.net/downloads
there you will find your purchase items.
There looks like this = http://prntscr.com/muf703


Hi, I already checked that tab but it’s empty.
Does it really take hours for me to receive the theme? :confused:

Open a Envato Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.

Hi, already did that but still no reply.

wait for their reply hope they will reply to you soon.
Remember this is not live support/chat server they reply their ticket queue list one by one no worry about that.

Are you sure that your boss was signed in to your account when purchasing because there are no purchases against that account.

FYI sharing access to accounts is not meant to happen if possible.

Okay thank you :frowning: Sorry being a lil bit worry.

Hi, yes.
The transation was reflected on my envato account.

My guess is that (based on your account being blocked as per the other thread) the purchase may not have confirmed yet.

Although support are the only people who can check for sure I would imagine that either the funds will be returned or the purchase applied once the locked account issue is fully resolved

Hi! My account was blocked when we first used directly buying the theme using mastercard but was recovered after a few hours. So we decided to use Skrill upon recovery of account.

Transaction was reflected on my envato account :frowning:
still waiting for the support’s reply regarding this matter.

There’s the transaction tho.