Problem with PayPal Please Help



Hi guys,

Im from Turkey I’m having a problem trying to buy the theme with PayPal. " Your deposit of $60.00 was unable to be processed by PayPal. Please try again or use a different payment method. " what should I do ?

Sorry for my English :relaxed:


hi, u should try to contact the help center or try to pay with a credit card if u can possibly do this


No. Paypal Quits to work with Turkey. What can we do? We need urgent help not from help center, from here. Very urgent. Cause payment day is coming and we have to find another way, or else everything will go very bad to our lives.


How can we buy a theme from audiojungle paypal is not working for Turkish people. Why not a different payment method.
Help us urgent. I change my bank account and transfer to the payoneer. I can witdraw the money but I cant buy a theme. If I have no envato credit this means you can not buy a theme, please fix this.