Problem with Payment (PayPal Issue)

Hello fellows,

I need help with a true trouble. Friday I bought a OpenCart Theme (Fabia) with my PayPal Credit Card - But something happens, and I got an error on my screen on the checkout - When the error disappear I check on my PayPal account and I check I’ve sended $50 to the system, but I do not received on my ThemeForest Account.

So that is the problem, I payed, and do not receive. I already send an email to Envato’s Support, but they do not anwer me yet. I open an Dispute on PayPal too - And call them. Because I live on Brazil, and its pretty hard to get contact with international stuff.

This is the details of the order:

Can someone help me? I don’t know this is the right place to talk about this. But i’m truly need this template for this week, because I’m late with this website project so badly!


@scottwills @KingDog will get touch with you when they back.

If you haven’t done so already @LuiggiRM , please open a Help Ticket and our Help Team will be happy to investigate. Thanks!

@KingDog he did that already

I’m having a different issue with Paypal, but it’s a problem with payment. I’ve tried my VISA and Discover card and am getting the message “The card you entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number.”

I’ve selected the tab marked Credit Card

and also submitted a trouble ticket.

I have the same PayPal problem as LuiggiRM. I was transferred to PayPal. I paid. When I was transferred back to Envato, there is a payment error message, but the payment successfully processed at PayPal.

PayPal sent me a receipt and the funds have left my bank account, but I don’t have the product I paid for. This is disturbing and unpleasant.

I have also the same issue that envato market get my money but no download after paypal payment successfully.

So, I claim to Paypal and dispute the issue.

Envato said, they have no idea about it. and I don’t have the payment issue yet.

That means Envato doesn’t care about it.

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Dear Envato, I have the same problem and got the information that you will respond to my helpdesk issue maybe in 7 days… Sorry this is print artwort and needs to be at the printers then…

  1. Suggestion: Please take off the paypal payment button if you know the problem!
    2nd Suggestion: Please publish a solution what we users can do if these payments do not enable us to download the artwork.
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Dear Envato. When it’s about giving the money your site operates brilliantly, but when it’s about to give the product , you say “It’s non of our business”!!! Why is that?! 4 Days to answer a ticket that you’ve paid to fix?..
Thank you.