We've just became Power Elite Author yesterday. AMA!!

Hello everyone, we are ThimPress, we sell Education WordPress themes, Coaching themes, Hotel themes, Restaurant themes, Charity themes and many other niche specific WordPress themes, and we had just become a Power Elite Author yesterday!!

We’re so proud of this result, and We would like to say thanks to everyone who’s involved, all the Envato staffs, other authors that gave us feedback or shared useful insights on the forum, etc.

Envato also encouraged us on sharing our top 3 tips, and here they are:

#1 Rating is no.1

Even though only ~2.5% of the users pay attention to ratings/reviews, but it’s an important measure to know if your product’s going to be a big shot or a failure. If people like your product and give you a good rating, it’s awesome. Otherwise, it’s even better when they give bad ratings because you’ll know what your shortcomings are and how to deal with that. We try to response to every rating(good or bad), and for bad ratings, we always try to explain the situation and offer a quick fix as quickly as possible so that our customers would feel happy and we would feel happy.

#2 Always think for the customer

When designing themes, we would spend weeks doing research on the product, try to know the customer, try to climb into their skin and walk around in it so that we would know what’s best, what’s needed. This rule also applies to UI/UX designing. We don’t want the theme’s workflow to be too complicated or too simple that lacks needed elements. Everything should be the way it should be, no more, no less.

#3 Speed matters

When it comes to speed, we mean the urgency - the urgency in replying to support questions, item comments or even urgency in updating a new fix for the theme. Customers don’t have all day sitting waiting for our replies. They also don’t have all day waiting for a new bug fix. Many authors just upload the theme and wait to get sales while they don’t update their products constantly, response to user questions. How could that lead to any sales?

That’s all. Thank you for reading and thanks for supporting us this whole time. It’s time to get to a new milestone - 2M$

Meanwhile, we are open to any questions. AMA :slight_smile:


Huge achievement @ThimPress! Congratulations to you :tada: … And thanks for sharing your tips for success :slight_smile:

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Awesome guys! congrats :smiley:

How have you determined what products to build? Why those niches?

Thank you @MidnightSnap, @leafcolor :smiley:
@matthewcoxy for some products, we just thought: many people are doing it, why don’t we build one. These themes really sell well, but for most of our successful products, we try not to follow the crowd and think about what is really missing from the market. For example, when we build Eduma, there wasn’t a really good WordPress theme for instructors and educators that integrates with a good Learning Management System.

Of course, it takes time to really understand what’s missing, what is needed, we need to take many days, just looking for other products, analyze each category, look how real life businesses are doing, what they need and if we can do it. It’s really a time consuming and labour intensive process but in the end, it pays off :slight_smile:

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@ThimPress Congratulation for the great jobs and useful tips indeed!
I believe you can conquer a higher peak and push the product quality to a node higher.

Take my hat off to your team effort & achievement!


Have you guys done any extra marketing outside of Envato, like SEO or advertising, to drive traffic to your themes?

Congratulations and thank for your tips


Thank you for your kind words, @swlabs and @NinjaTeam :slight_smile:
@Patchesoft: Of course we do think about extra marketing outside of Envato all the time, but since our team is small, we can’t do much marketing (and running Adwords, Fb Ads doesn’t seem so effective).

Meanwhile, we do maintain a blog (which no one reads :frowning: ), a Youtube channel (very useful), some free WordPress plugins and one or two email marketing campaigns a month.

About SEO, we focus on on-page SEO more than off-page SEO, but we are not native English speaker, so the result is just so so :slight_smile:

We do think that product’s quality affects sale more than marketing tricks because we already have Envato doing all the marketing for us.


Awesome achievement ,Congrats :slight_smile:

Congratulations Guys

Thanks for the great reply! Looks like your theme quality really speaks for itself. Congratulations again!

Congratulations guys :tada:

My Congratulation guy’s!!!:))

Thank you for your kind words @MusicDog @rohanG @JanStudio @Synthezx :slight_smile:

Congratulations @ThimPress - great idea to run an AMA thread, too!

What are your tips for launching a new item? Once you have a new theme approved and available for sale, where do you start?

Thanks for the great question, @BenLeong.

Actually in the past, we had absolutely no idea of how to launch a new item the right way. In the past, we just do our best with the theme, try to write the best description as we can.

But recently, starting 2017, we started building our email lists (via our marketing channels) and start emailing our audiences more often to get early boost. With Author Driven Pricing, we also reduced the price to get some exposure and then we will increase the price later when it’s confirmed by our users that the theme is a good one and it deserve a higher price.

We’ve just started doing this (collecting emails, sending emails, reducing price to introductory price for new items) from early 2017, and we only had released one new theme this year, so we can’t talk much about the result, but this should work as it sounds way better than in the past - sitting waiting for sale while doing nothing at all :slight_smile:


Thank for your tips. Congrats!

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Keep working :wink:

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